Focal Kanta Sale

I was browsing The Music Room today and noticed they are selling new Focal Kanta 2 speakers for $5999.00. I believe that is 4K off for a pair. No affiliation with TMR or Focal, just wanted to spread the word.  I am not even a fan of Focal!
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Wow. I would be pretty pissed if I just paid 10k for a pair. Knowing a used pair would likely now go for 4-4.5k. They sound good but I don't feel they are substantially better than the Arias. 
I saw that too and the Focal Kanta 2 was something that would work amazing in my small room. 
Looks like just the discontinued colors. The kanta 2 did have a price drop and retail is $9,000. 
condition has a lot to do with used prices.
Apparently these are new speakers.........
Pretty sure that is a per speaker. Not a pair

No, it is per pair.
It WAS per pair.  They have since changed the prices though.

Also, all Focal prices have went up as much as 33% as of just a few days ago.