Focal Kanta No.2 speakers - any thoughts? Also in comparison with Sonus Faber Olympica 3s?


I am very excited about these new speakers and am looking for some help with a decision I am trying to make. I have an opportunity to buy a used (mint) pair of Sonus Fabre Olympica iii speakers for around $7000 but unfortunately can’t audition them for too long due to travelling schedule and as the seller is moving out soon. The Focal Kantas sounded very good to me (driven by a Devialet 130 pro) at the dealers but the Olympica IIIs  also sounded good albeit possibly a bit more laid back (they were driven by an Audio Research tube preamp and a pass labs power amp). Also, the listening room at the seller's place was not at all ideal/treated so is difficult to do a fair comparison. 

Compared to almost all other speakers I have seen so far the Olympicas are the most beautiful and almost high-end furniture like but the new Kantas don't give the Sonus any advantage in this regard as they are also really lovely looking speakers with many different finishes!  I am planning to run wither of these speakers with a Prima Luna Dialogue HP integrated amp so any feedback in that regard will also be much appreciated. 

If anyone here has heard both these speakers, any suggestions on whether the new Kantas are possibly worth giving up on the Olympicas at $7,000?  The Kanta's are retailing at a bit under $10,000.  If I decide on the Kantas then I will push out the purchase until I can find a better discount at some stage but if with the Sonus then will have to buy right away.

I have the Kanta 2's for my L/R/C driven by a mcintosh mc452 for 2.2 and a mcintosh mc275 tube amp for 2.0.  Awesome speakers. 
I compared Focal's with Sonus Faber's and found them to be vastly different.  With that said, I'd make sure I'd pair whatever choice you make in speaker with an amp that would bring out the best.

In my opinion the Sonus Faber's have a "softer", less dynamic sound, and would probably respond well to a "fast" sounding amplifier.  I have found the Focal's to benefit from smoother sounding amps, I have a McIntosh MC452 driving my Sopra No2's, a very good match...but have heard similarly priced Sonus Faber's connected to that same amp, and they sounded (to me) somewhat muted.  When I did that audition the Focal's seemed to fill the room, while the Sonus Faber's sounded like they were played in another room...very much muted.
When selecting my current set of speakers, I listened to both the Focal Kanta No. 2 and the Sonus Fabor Olympica 2 (not the 3).  Not the exact comparison you are looking for, but close.  Both speakers were driven with the same equipment in the same room.  I liked both of them quite a lot.  I ended up with the Focals (which admittedly cost more), mainly because they resolved to a greater level of detail, without being too harsh or bright.  

One note about the Focals (which I drive with a Levinson 585) - I have seen a number of comments about the Focals being harsh or bright.  My experience has been that once broken in (which takes quite a while), they are very smooth.  If they sound harsh, the problem is somewhere else - either in the system driving them or the room acoustics.