Focal kanta 2 vs Sonus faber olympica 2..which to buy?

The floorstanders being offered are 1500 in price difference (kanta is more)😀
I was able to audition the kanta,but not the olympicas..

I will drive them using a primaluna tube integrated 
I do like the Kantas,they are not harsh(something I have heard people say about beryllium tweeter)
70% will be for music..mostly Bollywood mp3s,Spotify and that order.

PS:if I had not heard the kantas I would’ve gone with olympica😔Now I am torn it worth the 1500 more I currently own the Sonus faber Cremona auditor Bookshelves
Would kindly request members here to weigh in ..I am not looking at other alternatives


I recently auditioned the Kanta 2 vs the Olympic III and am torn as well. The Nova is much better than the previous version which I found bright. The Nova is more laid back and also in comparison to the Kanta. I think the Kanta delivered more defined bass and mods but found the highs a little forward. The unfortunate in the audition was that they were in two different rooms and different equipment. I had heard the Sopras and those a no brained for me except the cost. I think in the end I will buy the Olympicas as the softer highs do appeal to me after 17 years with my Revels that have become brighter as my ears have aged. The other factor is appearance although that is a cardinal sin in audio, but I may never buy another speaker and have to look at them as well. If the Kanta would offer the same finish available on the Sopra, I may lean more that direction.
I agree on the kantas front firing port,maybe ,really blew me away..👍🏽
And completely agree on aging ears...I can’t bear to hear my older poorly recorded I even changed my dac..

So if I may ask..u saying that kantas are much less bright than the old olympicas (not nova)?...I am surprised to hear any sonus faber line being characterized as bright..though heard only 2 of em till now..

I recently upgraded my speakers from Sonus Faber Venere 3.0 to Sonetto Vs and because of the improvement in the details because of the improved tweeter and mid-range.  I didn't expect to have the sound difference be so great - and my desire to stay within a budget meant I didn't critically test out the Olympia's.

So I my be biased with Sonus Faber.  And my 'upgrade' isn't the same jump I'd expect yours is from the Cremona to the Olympia...
I’ve heard Olympica 2’s and 3’s. The 2’s were incredibly underwhelming however the 3’s were quite good 
Seems you like Sonus Faber sound signature in your rig already, staying with the house sound is the safe bet.

On the other hand the Kanta with tubes is a potentially better synergy, like peanut butter and jam.

IMHO of course and thus not worth much.
Neither!  Buy Salt Audio.  Much better.
I have the Kanta 3s & until I put a PS Audio tube pre in front of them they were a little bright. With the tube pre they are really really good.  I bought the Kanta 2s first then found a deal on the 3s.  I sold the Kanta 2s  to a guy who told me they brought a tear to his eye. He loves them.
You can’t go wrong with either.   Don’t listen to the old guy in the red tie.   
While we are talking. I have Focal 1028 BEs. Only a year old. Considering jumping to the Kanta 3's. Comments please
Owned the Kanta No 2’s...looked great but sounded restrained and cool up top...almost brittle.  Never got that organic liveliness I love and the treble just grated on me a bit.
Vidya46, yes to me the original Olympicas were bright and I think that was one of the areas that SF went after with the new tweeter. They bring a warmth without dulling the highs as some can. In comparison the Kanta can get in your grill a bit, but not to the degree that Previous Olympicas did. The real plus of the Kanta vs the Oly Nova is the bass. But I heard these in two different rooms and different equipment. The Oly were with a Arcam/Classe Pre/amp combo where as the Kanta was all Cambridge. I am hoping to go back in the coming week as they have changed the equipment and re-evaluate.
I have both, hard to decide.

One thing is for sure, the Kanta finish is meh at best.
Old guy with red tie..hah..I thot he was kidding..

Anyhow, Thanks all for your inputs..This deal also hinges on me selling my Auditors..And TMR quoted a Buy it now price of 1800$..That really sucks..Here on audiogon I see some for 3K..

So I am just trying to chill a bit and take it slow..but that Kanta deal will not last..its 7K,demo with warranty of 5 years..but the SF Olympicas would be used (1.5K) less..

I will ask the dealer for an in home demo..

I like the kanta 2 quite a bit.  I’m sure you will like it as well.

Well..I went on a tour of dealers today..and was able to listen to olympica nova 5 ,sonetto 8,dynaudio contour 30 and a lillium (just cause it was there)

The dealer has 11000 sqft showroom..whoa..beautiful place..each display was with McIntosh gear ..he had all of the sonus faber lines..He was a pleasure to talk to and spent 2 hours just listening to music with him..and chatting..great guy..👍🏽👍🏽..
That is a great afternoon well spent ..

Will be going back next weekend to listen to the sonetto and contour 30,with my’s turning out to be a good summer after all..

Have you made a decision?
Also looking into Kanta, Olympica and Contour.. 
I have some hours on my Kanta 3s now. I’m running an upgraded Carver TFM 45, PS Audio BHK pre with Telefunken vintage tubes. My source right now is an Alienware laptop. I now can hear the guitar pick hit the strings.
whats the room? I loved the bass of the kanta 3 in the showroom, but in my basement the room doesn't support bass and while the K3 had a huge 10db peak at 100 hz by 80 hz bass was gone! dropped  like a rock. Sayin the potential is there  but room interaction will  make or break them.
I have a pair of Kanta no 2 and a pair of SF Olympica III. I can agree with many of the previous comments. Kanta seems more technical to my ears. But the Olympica throws a richer more 3 dimensional sound stage.  The Kantas seem to have more of that hit you in the chest bass, whereas the Olympica seems to have fuller and lower bass.  
 Full disclosure, I’m still breaking in the Kanta, whereas the Olympica are already broken in.