Focal Kanta 2 vs Revel 226be vs Monitor Audio Gold 300 5g

For you guys with experience with any or all of these speakers, please expound on the attributes and/or weaknesses of them.  My tastes in music range from rock to jazz to classical, and even though I generally listen at moderate levels, I do sometimes like to crank it up.  Even though the listening area is reasonably large, I want to keep the footprint small (thus the choices in the title).  I have two SVS subs to augment the bass.  I currently listen to Tekton Enzo 2.7 speakers.  If you had to live with one of these speakers, which would it be and why.
Thanks guys.

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I have heard all of those and many more.  

Tonally, I find the MA Golds to be the warmest between the three and the tweeter helps throw a deeper, more immersive soundstage than the other two.  Nature of an AMT/Ribbon vs a dome.  These are great speakers.  

Scansonic or Audovector would be a better compare to the MA Golds vs. the other two.  

Betweeen the Kanta 2 and the 226BE, to me, hands down the Kanta is a better speaker.  I am a big fan of the Performa3 line with silk domes and still own a pair of M105s.  I find the beryllium implementation a little metallic sounding driven by a Levinson amp. Maybe with the right tube amp it could have been better.  It just seemed cold.  I do not like the BE editions.  

The Kanta 2 is still bright and needs warm amplification (Naim, AVM, Pass) but it didn't have a cold, clinical edge to it.  In fact, listening to the opening of ABACAB on them driven by McIntosh MC 275 was memorable and extraordinary.  I got chills.  It was awesome.  

I am a Focal, Scansonic, Naim and AVM dealer.  I have no relationship with any of the other brands mentioned.