Focal Kanta 2

Does anyone have a pair of Focal Kanta 2 speakers?   If so please give me your review.
Since someone else’s setup in a different room placement/dimensions/etc and their equipment. are gonna have huge factors, let’s just go off measurements:

  • Decently efficient but your amp must be able to handle 4ohm with ease (at least 1.5x the wattage as 8ohm).
  • Well designed cabinet, pretty inert.
  • Fairly neutral sounding.
  • They are not bass monsters, don’t expect a lot of output from 30Hz and below.
  • Imaging is pretty great, not class leading.
  • Soundstage is fairly wide, a bit wider than say the Revel F228Be.
  • Vertical dispersion is good, meaning you don’t have to sit directly on the tweeter axis if your seating is a bit lower (don’t wanna be much higher than the tweeter).
  • The decay is fairly quick, it’ll be a bit “tighter” than the F228Be.
For the $2k difference I would look at the kanta 3’s unless the room is smaller. I put the kanta 3 up against my usher be-20dmd’s and with the $6k advantage the ushers ate them alive in their bass output but the mids and treble were a different story and the focals were at least as good and their presentation will come down to taste. My room is hard to get much output below 100 hz but in the demo room they rocked.
This isn't comparable so take for what its worth.  Have had klipsch my whole life and switched to the Kanta 2 for my L/R/C.  Could't be happier, the sound stage is phenomenal.  FYI, Focal takes 53%, the distributor 47%, so lots of wiggle room!  
I believe the margins depend somewhat on the models. My dealer is pretty fair with me and while he was offering silly good deals on the 102-38's he didn't have as much room with the Kanta's. I, personally wont pay more than 30% off list for any new hifi product so more often than not I buy used. 
“FYI, Focal takes 53%, the distributor 47%, so lots of wiggle room!“

Absolute travesty of misinformation.  Focal has some of the lowest dealer margin of all speaker brands.  There is the least amount of wiggle room in them.  Stop spreading bad information.
I purchased a pair of Kanta No. 2s about a year ago, I am driving them with a Levinson 585. with my digital source being an Aurender N10.  Speaker cables are Transparent Ultras.  I also have a pair of REL S5/SHO subwoofers.  The Kantas succeed at being both very detailed and dynamic, but never harsh or overly analytical.  I particularly like that while they excel with great recordings, they also are quite enjoyable with average, everyday recordings (which make up the bulk of what I listen to).  

I have heard a few, but by no means most of their competitors, so I can't really make any definitive statements about their competition - other than I obviously liked them better than anything else in their price range that I heard.  

One note - while the Kanta's bass is quite good down to the lower 40s/upper 30s (in my room at least) adding the RELs was really a big plus.  Not just with the lower end, but also with adding a definite sense of air around the performers.  The RELs are quick enough to blend seamlessly with the Kantas. 
I just received my Kanta 3 and center last week. Breaking them in has been torture but so far I'm very happy with the purchase. Driving them with M22v2 and M27 for the center (and rear/surrounds/atmos). Positioning is important atleast so far in my space, err on less toe in. 

Build quality is superb. Base is very clean and the sound stage is significantly larger with the 3 over kanta 2. 
I have the 807’s and like them a lot. They don’t have the beryllium tweeter which I assume the Kanta have and mine can get a little trashy. If the 807’s went lower than 50hz (like say 35) I’d keep them

probably didn’t help but thought I’d chime in for what it’s worth.
@ Contuzzi, I'm only expressing what was shown to me by the dealer I bought mine from.  He took the invoice out from Focal and showed me exactly what they paid.  Take for what it's worth?