Focal/JM Labs Nova Utopia Be

I'm going to be acquiring these speakers next week as replacement to my Dynaudio Countour S3.4s (a significant upgrade to say the least). Provided the size of the speaker and the low frequency response, I am wondering if any owners or previous owners of similar speakers have experienced any difficulties incorporating beasts such as these into a moderately sized room. My system resides in a 20' x 13' room with the speakers/electronics along the short wall. The corners, first reflection points and rear walls are acoustically treated. Additionaly, the stated nominal impedence is 8 ohms with the minimal impedence dipping to 3.6 . Would it be advisable to utilize to 4 ohm taps of my Mac amp rather than the 8s? Thanks in advance. New speakers is always both an exiciting and daunting venture...
Yes if you are using a tube amp then I found that that 4 Ohms worked best . I own Focals which claim 8 Ohms nominal but admit lowest impedances of 3.8 Ohm believe. My complete guess is that your average impedance is closer to 6 Ohms. I simply tried both taps on my amps. I suggest you do the same, but I think you will like the 4 Ohms output. It sounded fuller and more dynamic to me.
if you are looking at these novas be, you should consider the new stellaems... an absolute marvel in speaker technology... a direct decendent of the large g.u, this "petite grand utopia", has all of the attributes of the g.u in a smaller( but still formidbable size) foot print.
but , still ,the novas were /are very good as well. the stellas just take off from where the novas ' perfromance ended.
Thanks Focalfan and Mechans. I'm certain that the Stella's are superior to the Nova's in every conceivable manner. However, provided the current retail cost of the Stella's ($95,000 here in Canada), the Nova's at 1/4 the price are certainly the more economically effective solution.
You should always try the taps one up and one down from the speaker's impedance by ear, unless the amp manufacturer specifically warns against it. Very often the sound is markedly better on one tap than the other, and you want to know about that firsthand.
I'm considering replacing my Wilson W/P8s with Focal Novas. Pricing on the Novas has come way down since the new series of Focals has been released. The Wilsons sound pretty good in my room, but don't go as low as my old PBNs. They are also a little tilted in the mid bass and top end.

My room is similar to yours w/dimensions of 20' x 14.5' x 8'. With a large open door to the living/dining area about 4' behind the listening couch.

Any comparisons or comments? How do the Novas work in your room?

Hey Brett,

Remember, make sure your wife likes the looks BEFORE you buy this time! :)

Hey Bill, how'd the PBN's work out?

Yeah, as you know my wife doesn't share my enthusiasm for all things audio!! She has adjusted to the Wilsons, but still thinks they're ugly as sin!!

There is a smokin' deal on the net for a pair of Focal Novas, but have been told they may be too big for my 20'x14.5'x8' room. I have heard the Scalas at a dealer and thought they sounded fantastic. Very smooth with great extension. Similar to the Wilsons, but go lower without the midbass bump and a little smoother on top. I think they are more attractive than the Wilson's, but my wife still prefers the warmth of wood veneers, oh well.
Brett, I'm still liking your PBNs a lot. I've upgraded literally everything else in my system and they've risen beautifully to all challenges. Thanks again, and good luck with the next move. Either Focals would be marvelous, I'm sure.

Bill, that is great to hear. System synergy is something we all work on, and sometimes we get lucky! Enjoy.

I was hoping to hear from Adamg about his impressions of the Focal Nova, in his slightly smaller than my room.

Would also appreciate anyone else's feedback regarding Focal Novas or the newer Scalas. I was told by a Focal dealer that the Novas would be too large for my room, but the Scalas would be an ideal replacement for my Watt/Puppy 8s.

Hi Brett

Sorry for the delayed reply. I have been thrilled with the Novas over the past three weeks. I was expecting some difficulties assimilating them into my listening space but I could not turn down the opportunity to acquire them locally at a great price. There is an evident bass hump at 50-60Hz. On a very limited number of recordings, the execess bass is distracting enough to prevent me from enjoying the music. I will emphasize that this occurs on a very small percentage of my listening material thus far. Furthermore, my previous speakers, the Dynaudio Contour S3.4, is several definable and categorical leagues away from the W/P series 8. Certainly a large part of my enjoyment of the new speakers is that they are simply much more elaborately engineered than my preceding floorstanders. This certainly wont be the case with you. My instincts tell me that the Scalas would be a more ideal replacement than the Novas in your circumstances.

brett,the scalas should work wonders in your room size, in my opinion. the novas have a bump in the 5060 hz region by design , to fatten the bass a bit for the usa market.
this is not the case with the scalas ,maestro ,stella em and g.u.em very smooth and consistent across the frequencies.
good luck!
Thanks guys. I think you're right about the Scalas being the better fit for my room. I'm also considering Rockport Ankaas(though I just heard they are discontinued), Coincident Pure Reference, and SP tech revelations. Unfortunately, no where to hear them, except the Coincidents at a local enthusiasts home.

Adam there are many mfgs of sound attenuation to get rid of that 50-60 hz bump. My PBN EPS2 were like that-much worse than the WP8s.

I'll keep searching and playing with the WP8s positioning. One inch any direction makes a big difference!!

Thanks again,