Focal JM Lab


Need some input here, I went to the store to buy the Focal 816S. I listened to the 826V and decided against the 816s. To my ears, I could swear I was hearing box coloration on the midrange. Now I am seriously thinking of buying the 826V, however I just read that the 726V has exactly the same drivers, just not as elegant enclosures. Has anyone listened to both?

Speakers are being used for Home Theatre. I have a EAD Preamp and Rotel Amp. I occasionally listen to music in this room.

Have you listened to the 726V vs the 826V? What did you hear?

The 1027 was too bright for , but could have been the electronics, I heard them at Tweeter on Krell...
I think the 826v are the way to go, true there is little difference on the inside but cabinet build quality is better on the 826v and that can go a long way in sound quality. I own the 826 and for the money you can't go wrong with this speaker.
I have the 1027's. It must have been the equipment becasue I do not find them bright at all. They are very good speakers IMHO. I would go with the 826v as well. You should hear the 1027's with good tube gear.
Everything sounds bright at Tweeter. I bought Focal JM Lab Profile 918 speakers, which I auditioned in Tweeter. I ended up finding them on A-gon for 1/2 price so I snatched them up. At home, my room is acoustically treated and I also have better speaker cables than Tweeter. I just picked up the new Tesla line cables from Synergistic Research.

The Profiles are not bright at all. Lesson Learned: Don’t go by how a speaker sounds in a Tweeter showroom. By the way, I have all Krell equipment... No brightness at all. Just perfect music...
I have focal 1027. It's very good speakers, even in the small room. It's slightly bright before complete burn-in.
The bass is more better with time.
Try it more if you can. Enjoy!!