Focal JM Lab Profile 928

I was checking out the Focal profile series but I can't find much in the way of literature or reviews on this speaker. Does anyone have any experience with this line? It is a very beautiful and sculpted piece and would fit my need for a speaker with a low profile quite nicely. Music Direct is closing the line out for a 50% off discount. Does this speaker have good dispersion and center fill properties like I hear about the Gallo Ref 3.1's? If so, this may just be what I'm looking for.
I have the complete 5.1 profile arrangement. For movies I run them off my arcam avr 350 and for vinyl and cds I use a two channel red wine signature 30.2 amp. I am, for once, entirely pleased with my set up. I reccomend the Profile series, especially at that price, whole heartedly. I have heard the Gallo's and they are not in any way comperable to the Profiles. They produce a much different type of sound which I do not consider to have the redemptive qualities of the Focals. Put simply, they are not as good in just about every way. That said, I have heard almost all of the Focal Electra line speakers and consider them a significant step up from the Profiles. They cost a good bit more but wow, are they good. If you have the funds, I would give them a listen. Good Luck.
the 928 is a very good speaker at any price! Nicely combines w/ bryston amp / preamp/processor as well.
Hi Donwass65, I am curious if you ever bought the profile 928? If so, what do you like most about them? Are they good with classical music?
i have the profile 918.great speaker with all types of music.from reviews i have read i dont think you will go wron with anything focal produces especially at half price.
I've decided to jump on a pair of 918's from a fellow audiogoner. I need something with a small footprint to replace my JBL 120 Ti's that I bought in 1985 but still sound fantastic- just don't look too modern. I hope the Focals can fill the bill. I do have tile floors so will be needing something to put under them. Does anyone know if any company makes outrigger stands for them? Something like Thiel uses would be great
I have a pair of the 928's and I love them. I added speaker outriggers after my German Shepard knotted one over. I got the speakers from Music Direct about 4 years ago. I'm using them with a Marantz SR8002 125 Watt Receiver. They are my front speakers. I use the Gallo micros for the rest. I'm no audiophile but I love the set up. The audyssey system seemed to match them pretty well. Hope this helps.