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Need some input here, I went to the store to buy the Focal 816S. I listened to the 826V and decided against the 816s. To my ears, I could swear I was hearing box coloration on the midrange. Now I am seriously thinking of buying the 826V, however I just read that the 726V has exactly the same drivers, just not as elegant enclosures. Has anyone listened to both?

Speakers are being used for Home Theatre. I have a EAD Preamp and Rotel Amp. I occasionally listen to music in this room.

Have you listened to the 726V vs the 826V? What did you hear?

The 1027 was too bright for , but could have been the electronics, I heard them at Tweeter on Krell...
I think the 826v are the way to go, true there is little difference on the inside but cabinet build quality is better on the 826v and that can go a long way in sound quality. I own the 826 and for the money you can't go wrong with this speaker.
I have the 1027's. It must have been the equipment becasue I do not find them bright at all. They are very good speakers IMHO. I would go with the 826v as well. You should hear the 1027's with good tube gear.
Everything sounds bright at Tweeter. I bought Focal JM Lab Profile 918 speakers, which I auditioned in Tweeter. I ended up finding them on A-gon for 1/2 price so I snatched them up. At home, my room is acoustically treated and I also have better speaker cables than Tweeter. I just picked up the new Tesla line cables from Synergistic Research.

The Profiles are not bright at all. Lesson Learned: Don’t go by how a speaker sounds in a Tweeter showroom. By the way, I have all Krell equipment... No brightness at all. Just perfect music...
I have focal 1027. It's very good speakers, even in the small room. It's slightly bright before complete burn-in.
The bass is more better with time.
Try it more if you can. Enjoy!!
Your assessement of the 816s matches mine. I never liked the Cobalt series - particularly their midrange which isn't natural to my ears. The new Chorus V series is a very big improvement in all respects.

Your assessment of the Chorus V series is good to hear. I listened to the 807V yesterday and loved them but will have to settle for the 806's due to footprint constraints. Only difference is a 6.5" mid VS the 7" in the 807. Focal uses 6.5 in all the other mids so I don't see that as a negative.
i just picked up a pair of 918's at sound concept in rochester ny. i auditioned B&W's, triangle's, sunus faber grand pianos, spendor's. to me, the focals were the more musical of the lot. i'm even thinking of trading them in for 928's. cable is now my main issue. anyone have any comments or input on nordost red dawn? rock on!
Gilman, glad you like your Focals. I'm very happy with the 806s. If I ever get a bigger listening room I'll go for some of their floor monitors but these have incredible sound for being a bookshelf.

Now if I can just get a quiet cooling fan set-up....
Gilman, I have the 918's and demo'ed a few cables over the past year. The best were the new Synergistic Research Accelerators speaker cables. The Cable Company will loan them to you to try.

I could not believe how these new cables transformed my system. I finally have that WOW factor I've been looking for since I bought the 918's. The bass is very tight and controlled.

Also, I have paired the 918's with a Rel Britannia B3 sub and now I have perfect full range music. I too thought the 928's would be better but they still would not go as low as adding a sub. Good Luck!