Focal Headphone Cable Replacement

Left channel stopped working today on my Stellia headphones and after testing it, is clearly the left channel cable. Any suggestions about having it repaired or where to get a replacement?

Perhaps this presents an opportunity to try an aftermarket headphone cable? Take a look at Danacable and their offerings. 
Thank you, however extremely pricey! The Utopia cable is almost as much as the Headphones themselves...any other suggestions?
@humbertorami I recommend checking the used cable listings here and over at

I’d personally choose a used leash because you can make a leap or two in overall performance over new cables in your price range...but you would lose out on return privileges, as one example, etc.
The Stellia use a fairly common type of connector, so you have a lot of options. 

I'm not a cable naysayer, but after having bought some pretty high end cables for my headphones, I don't notice much difference in cables.  I've had good luck buying headphone cables from Corpse Cables, Venus Audio, and C3 Audio.  Places like Redco will make cables for you to your specifications.  You can spend a lot more, but I think you get into the realm of diminishing returns pretty quickly when it comes to headphone cables.

How old are the headphones?  Have you contacted Focal about getting a warranty replacement?
Go to and you can get a nice one, balanced if you have a suitable amp, for that budget.
Satin Audio cables seem to offer good value.  I was looking at the 8-braid version of their Hyperion silver-plated copper cable for only $100, but this is their mid level and they offer pricier cables as well.  Best of luck. 
I agree with big Greg on C3 or Venus, but I would avoid Corpse Cables. Lots of marketing, but product and service fall short of my expectations at the price point.