Focal Grande Utopia III EM's

I am thinking about selling my black Grande Utopia III EM's to option a custom color. I am wondering what the market price would be since I am pretty sure that I am the first one to be considering the sale. Please email me with feedback as well as responses to the sale idea.
For the used price difference with new, why not get together with a high end furniture refinisher to change the ones you have? You could even metal leaf them and patina the finish to truly be custom. At least you would have total control of the finish.
if you want to sell value should be in 100 000-120 000usd(80 000usd for quick sale, if we can call quick for such speakers as it not a pop corn)

if you want jus to upgrade to diferent colour(sidewals) I would never ever recomend to do this. at the end it will cost arround half speakers price.

its the easiest and the most efective way is to repaint sides and maching hardware(at the back).and the speakers even do not need to be of grande EM alows to repaint side panels without disasembling) just arrange everything with professional automotive service eployers and they can do the job for few grands or litle more if you choose some exclusive chamaleon colours.
Generally, people who spend $180K on speakers do not care about resale value; they only want what they want (nothing wrong with that). Trade your speaker in and buy another pair with the custom paint job and be done with it. You probably don't make your living from audio sales, therefore, why not leave it up to professionals and just get what you want? As for a custom paint job, not a bad route if you have the time to invest in the research, plus the hassle of getting it done. Just trade them in and buy new ones.
I think that I might hold on to them for know until I find a streamlined option for getting the finish I want. The other paths create too much of quality control and time investment to make sure that the EM's don't get damaged or get mishandled.