Focal for HT usage?

Curious about this brand for HT and gaming usage. Looking at the 1038be, probably hearing them tmrw alongside the aria 948 model. 

Im considering leaving my ML ESLs since they’re better suited for music. Anyone w experience with either of these? I’ve been reading great stuff and spoke to a couple ppl on avs forum. 

Thanks in advance 
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Thx for the info. I have the Martin Logan Ethos. Beautiful for music, okay for movies. Looking for something a little punchier and dynamic for those movie soundtracks. Will look at the model you mentioned as well 
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I have a Marantz 8805 processor, paired w/  Krell Chorus 5200. I think I'm good power wise LOL
 At the current clearance prices for the 1038be you should give them a listen. If your amp is up to it they are awesome speakers.
I just listened....really enjoyed them. Was only able to hear 2 channel unfortunately. But, I must say, they did sound better than my Ethos speakers. However, this was w/ a high quality streamer in a closed off room - opposite of what I do for not a fair fight.