Focal Electra and Focal Sopra

Does it worth to exchange Focal Electra Center for Focal Sopra Center?
Depends what you want to get out of it.

The question really is whether you hear a mismatch as sound travels from L to C to R.  If it sounds completely seamless, then no.
I am not a pro in this area, but I have focal electras, chorus, and profiles, I also have an electrical engineering background, and for what I was able to compare between profile, Electra, and Sopra center beside the obvious, electras and Sopras have a beryllium tweeter but also the crossover is a bit more advanced, I would suggest you research about improving the crossover parts or just leaving it as is because they are basically identical, obviously there is a change the actual construction of the drivers are a tiny bit different but visually comparing those I would say not likely if you later want to sell your Electra center, I am in the market.

The Focal Electra center (CC1008BE) is the same exact product as the Sopra center. The only difference is the cnc aluminum center piece.