Focal Electra 1028 BE

I pulled the trigger on some Focal Electra 1028 BE and I'm thoroughly excited. I'm currently running Focal Aria 936. I'm just looking for some feedback on what I should expect? Are the Electra's end all be all speakers? Speakers are on carpet over a concrete slab, are isoacoustic feet worth the investment in this scenario? Thanks y'all!
I would recommend you look at outriggers. I've had experience with Focals in the past, and the biggest issue was keeping them from falling due to the narrow footprint.

I suggest you use spikes, this will poke through the carpet and give you the least back and forth rocking motion.
Thanks @eri Do I need the outriggers as I'll be using them on carpet with spikes? I used the spikes on my Aria's and haven't had an issue (no kids or tipping issues)
Do I need the outriggers

Depends on how comfortable you are of them falling. :)  It's not the carpet or spikes, it's the very narrow footprint.

I promise you, once you get them, you'll see what I mean just by tipping them from the side.  You'll jump on them.  So feel free to wait and try this out.  I take no responsibility for scratches.


I have the 1028BE and very happy with them.  Several years ago I had my eyes set on a pair of Paradigm Signature S6v3. I was offered a great price on a demo pair which were next to a set of the 1028BE in the showroom. I remember wanting the 1028BE instead of the Paradigms because they sounded so much better but could not afford them at the time. So I settled on the S6v3.  When I got a chance to purchased a pair of 1028BE at discounted price when they were discontinued, I jumped on them.  Never looked back. 
So I've had the 1028 for a few days now and they are stellar speakers. Going from the Aria to these is a massive jump in detail and separation. I really enjoy the height of the tweet. Very pleased with the 1028 over the Aria. For now I'm satisfied. We'll see over the next few years if I get the itch again. 
Hi OP!

So glad you are happy.

What do you think of the physical stability of your speakers?  Are they likely to tip over easily to the sides?


Hey Erik,

These 1028 are awesome speakers and if anyone is considering them or the Aria line, there is no comparison. 1028 every day of the week. 

And yes, like you mentioned they do have a narrow profile and I could see them tipping if you have children or a fat cat jumping on your equipment. I don't have the spikes installed as one of the mounting brackets doesn't accept the spike (probably a bad thread). But you were definitely correct. I can see why the have the big plate on the bottom of the Aria line to solve this problem.