Focal Electra 1008 BE Speakers

Does anyone own or have heard the Focal Electra 1008BE bookshelf speakers? I am wondering if they would sound good with tube gear, how easy to drive they are (or are the finicky with certain types of equipment), how forgiving are they with room placement, and if they are too dynamic where listening fatigue sets it.

I am currently running a Primaluna HP Dialogue Integrated Amp (70 watts in tube power), VPI prime turntable. Going to get a Herron VTPH2 phono stage and a Marantz SA14S1 CD player in the near future. Looking for a smooth yet detailed speaker with a touch of warmth that would really go well and complement the rest of my system. Definitely do not want listener fatigue. I listen to mostly jazz, soul, and pop, with some rock and classical. Any other suggestions would be appreciative. It does not have to bookshelf speakers either. Looking to stay $4000 or under. Thanks!
I have a pair of 1007Be and have used a Cary SLI-80 in triode mode (45wpc) with them and they sounded excellent; very detailed and articulate with plenty of punch. I believe the 1008Be's have similar sensitivity and impedance characteristics to the 1007Be's so you should have no issues there unless you listen at ear bleed levels or like music with heavy bass.

I listen primarily to classical works large symphonic along with smaller chamber orchestras also some female jazz vocals at reasonable levels.

They seem to sound their best when set up as the manual suggests; an equal distant triangle with a toe-in towards the listener.

Having said that they can also be ruthlessly revealing to upstream components and can get overly bright and harsh if something is amiss.

I currently use Pass Labs xa100.5's with a Pass XP-20 pre-amp and they sound great with this combination as well.

I also have a VTPH2 and must say it is a great phono-stage and the Focals sound great with it.