Focal diablos vs Dynaudio focus 380 PLEASE HELP

Curious as to what peoples thoughts are comparing these. I know they are both totally different animals but im having a very hard time deciding weather a pair of super high end mini monitors with a JL fathom 12" subs, is a better choice for a wide variety of music vs the dyns (also paired with 2 f112's). The dyns would be able to get me the SPL over the focals, but they probably aren't as smooth, not to mention almost half the price for the setup im considering.. Any thoughts would be most appreciated! The electronics used would be a classe cap2100 and cdp 302 for the focals (roughly $10,000) Or Bryston 4bsst2 with bp 26 and cd1 for the dyns (roughly 18,000 used)
Diablo integrates with sub best I have ever expierenced-it seems they are just way designed from the start-powerfull downt to 65hz or so, below that sharply goes down like a rocket.

It can play a sloud as Dynaudio floorstanders, but needs to be cutted below 60Hz in that case
I was talking with a friend just last night who had just got home from listening to the dyn focus 380s . He is a fan of dyns and has owned other lines and currently using has contour. 3.4s. He had gone to the dealer to see about purchasing C2s. He had told me he was completely blown away by the focus 380s. I have no experience with focal but suggests if possible listen to the new focus line they have been changed from the previous lines and are reportedly much improved. Good luck.
Elviukai, it sounds as though you're opting for the diablos in this comparison. Have you heard the updated version of dynaudio focus line to make a direct comparison?
-Do other people agree that cutting a high end monitor speaker at 80-90 hz and adding a sub would be very similar in output alone compared to a larger floorstander thats also cut out at the same frequency? Usually what you get with a floor stander are the obvious increase in cabinet size and larger low end drivers.. which wouldn't ultimately be totally useful considering the low end is already taken care of via subs. Anyone elses thoughts would be most appreciated. I feel like its a lot to ask out of just having a 1" tweet and a single 6.5 to cover 85 percent of the sound produced to reach 105-115 dbs, even with a sub.
If you like loud listening levels but without hurting your ears ,bryston and dynaudio the way to go.
$7.5K should be more than enough for buying a pair Confidence C2 speakers
which should be much better than the Focus you are considering. Regarding
Bryston electronics, they certainly work fine with Dyns, but IMO there are quite
a few other combinations that will work better. Plinus and Simaudio are among
the most popular, Musical Fidelity (their big integrated KW 500/550, TRi-Vista
and NU-Vista) will give you a full worm sound with good detail and powerful
bass, Accuphase will work even better.

Regarding your desire to reach 115 dBs in your room. My advice would be to
take care of your ears. They do not grow back and/or regenerate. 115dB is
extremely loud.

Finally, I would like to corroborate what Elviukai said, i.e. Focal Diablo (also
Micro Be) are much easier to integrate with a sub. Dyns speakers, with their
powerfull low end, are more difficult to integrate seamlessly (at least this is my