Focal diablo Utopias in large room?

Looking for opinions:

Will be moving to my fiancé's home soon and will have a large 24'x30' area where my audio gear will be. It is really a 24'x15' room, but it adjoins the kitchen with no wall between.

My current system includes a Levinson 532 amp driven directly by Bricasti M1 DAC. I currently have Focal 1027be speakers, but am considering a significant upgrade.

My challenge is that my future wife doesn't want large speakers sticking 3'-4' away from the wall.

I am thinking that if I got really good stand mounts, I could park them against the wall when not in use and move them out for listening. I don't think that I could do that with floor stander. I am sure that in an area that big that I'd need 1 or two good subs.

Any opinions on going with Focal Diablo Utopias or something similar and subs in a room that large?

I'd love to nab Revel Salon 2's, but at 170lbs each, they won't be movable and I know that at best I would get them 2' from the wall. I am afraid that I wouldn't get their best that close to the wall and they are a LOT of money for speakers if I would be compromising their sound!

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Is it a carpeted room? If it is hardwood or similar they make little hockey puck looking deals made of some kind of plastic composite that go under your spikes. You can slide them very easily without damaging the floor. If not you could make up some kind of reason why it would be stylish to have some nice hardwood or Pergo at that end of the room. Then wait a little while so she doesn't know you did that just for speakers;-)
I have Diablos for last 4 years. Friend of mine for 2 years. I am not sure what to add, as you answered your own questions very clearly. I can just repeat that Diablos is very good speaker that can fill a big room. IMHO it needs subwoofer ( and not only in big rooms, even in small rooms in NEEDS sub, and then properly integrated sound amazing) They also are not very sensitive to placement- its not speaker type when wife when cleaning room touches stand and sopund changed(like in my other sonus faber speakers) All this is leads almost to perfect conditions what you need. the only drawback they sing only with good electronic(they are very revealing)
Break off the relationship, get the ring back, cash it in, then use the cash for a nifty upgrade. But seriously, move the speakers every time you want to use your system? That's crazy. The lady needs to get with program.
Khammond, Salon 2s are bottom-ported, and generally speaking their sound doesn't suffer as much as it can with rear-ported speakers when circumstances dictate that they be placed closer to the rear wall than ideal. And they have two levels of low frequency cut to reduce boominess from too much corner reinforcement.