Focal Diablo Utopia in HiFi+

Has anyone read the review by Chris Thomas on Focal's latest stand-mounted two-way that is an implementation of their proprietary second generation beryllium tweeter among other advancements? I heard this a few months ago and was truly amazed. Very coherent with loads of transparency and musicality. Not having ever owned Focal, it was not what I expected to hear and sounded quite unlike anything I have ever heard from Focal. The caveat is that it requires a long break-in to sound its best. Can anyone comment relative to Raidho's Ayra C1.0 (also reviewed by Thomas in HF+) and Tidal's Amea.

Focal Diablo review
I listened to a pair of these at my local dealer and bought them for my office/den. They are the most complete Utopias monitor I have ever auditioned. In fact, it was my favorite among anything I have ever heard. The delivery is a bit delayed but I amsure it is worth the wait.
The Ayra C1.0s were underpowered when I heard them, IMO. That said, the high quality of this speaker came through. Amazing bass and room-fill for its size. The treble coming from the ribbon tweeter was extended and sweet.
Phaelon, I am very suspect about the bass capabilities of a 4.5 inch cone. That being said, I know that driver is a technological tour -de-force. What amplifier did you hear on the Ayra's?
It was an Einstein amplifier. I didn't ask which model, but somebody there told me it was rated at 85 watts. The room was also larger than what I suspect will be typical for this speaker.