Focal Clear vs ZMF Aeolus

Hi All,

I couldn't find whole lot of review on ZMF Aeolus. I am considering either a Focal Clear or a ZMF Aeolus.

I listen to mostly classical, Rock, Pop and instruments. And lots of vocal.

So, which headphone do you recommend ? Focal Clear is selling at $970+ an ZMF Aeolus is about $1200+. Both are within my budget.

I am currently leaning more towards Focal Clear due to cost if all else is comparable. Thoughts ?


I have just purchased the Clear and could not be happier with it. The combination of sound construction and beauty cannot be beat.
They’re quite different... the Clears are well... clear. The Aeolus are not as accurate per se but quite a bit warmer and extremely pleasing to listen to for hours on end. Kind of a new pair of dress packs vs your favorite worn in jeans.

i absolutely love my Aeolus 
Have an older pair of ZMF Blackwoods and prefer them over my
MrSpeakers Ethers. Zack knows his stuff and has a great tuning ability. 

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