Focal Clear Headphone Cable Problem


My balanced (4 prong) cable that came with the headphones has a loose connection somewhere under the insulation. Anyone know where to either

a) Buy an upgraded bal. cable. or

b) Get the factory cable repaired.

If anyone has had a good upgrade experience, I'm all ears.

I'm constantly having to wiggle the cable to get my Right Channel back. I'm suppose to relax and enjoy the music!


Tnx !


I moved my Sennheiser factory upgrade to a Cardas headphone Cable balanced also. My 800 phones were singing far better than with Sennheiser's own cable.

I buy my 3rd party headphone cables from Moon Audio; I've got their Black Dragon cables for 3 of my headphones. Not super-cheap, not absurdly expensive; pretty good value for money, imo.... 

Jim/Larsman...tnx for the input. Focal is replacing my factory cable (great support) but I was/am interested in upgrading. I'm near a Cardis dealer. Jim...which model Cardis did you go with?



For the best quality and price, I've been very satisfied with Sky Audio Cables.


You might check out Lazuli Reference FC. It’s 1299.00 for 3 m 4 pin balanced. Excellent cable for the price.

I highly recommend taking a look at LavriCable as they make high quality cables at very reasonable prices and fly below the radar.  I got an excellent 1.2m balanced cable with silver wire and top connector/plugs for only $253 for my Hifiman Arya Stealths and it’s a big improvement over the stock cable.  Here’s a link to the cable and how I configured mine.

Product Quantity Price
Ultimate Silver HiFiMAN Arya Sundara Ananda HE6se HE5se upgrade cable - 1.2 m
  • Length:

    1.2 m

  • Silver:

    Multistrand litz awg24 (4 cores)

  • Headphone plugs:

    AECO 3.5mm (pure copper)

  • Plug:

    Aeco XLR 4 Rhodium (copper)

  • Silk sleeving:

    No sleeving

  • Burn in service:


1 $253.04