Focal Chorus: Experiences to share anyone?

I am trying to get a feel for what the Focal house sound is (I do not have a local dealer nearby), but there's not much to read on the web.
It seems that higher-end Focal is well respected, but on the entry-level line Chorus: zippo.
Can anyone share audition impressions on this entry-level line? I am looking at 714/716?
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A late reply but hope it helps. I auditioned the 726 and ended up buying it's bigger brother, the 826 instead, and would recommend both. I think the tweeter in the Chorus line is the main selling point, being an inverted dome design. The bass on any of the 700 & 800 series models is tight and there is a marked increase in it the further you move up the line. Depending on the model you end up with, you may feel bass is lacking considering the amount of drivers in them. That said, they provided me great enjoyment and while I have upgraded since, I decided not to sell the pair. Do keep in mind these models are best suited for large rooms. If I had to offer any criticism, it would perhaps be their lack of imaging.