Focal Chorus 826 V or PSB Stratus Gold i ???

Hi experts. I need advice, preferably from someone who has heard both speakers. I have an opportunity to buy a new (!!!) set of Focal Chorus 826 V towers or a used pair of PSB Stratus Gold i; only $1,000 for either pair!! Is there a clear winner here? The focals are a newer design, of course, with two 6.5" bass drivers & one 6.5" mid-range. Focal's exceptional tweeter. The PSB's with the 10" bass, 6" mid and center-mounted tweeter. Unfortunately, because of the location of each pair, I can't audition them with my gear (Threshold Forte amp, Parasound P/LD preamp & Arcam CD). Thanks. -David
I have the Gold i's with a Forte amp (1a) and they are pretty amazing for the money. They may lack a little finess if you listen to classical/jazz but they are a great Rock speaker with bass that will rattle your windows. I have a sub hooked up for surround sound, but really don't need it with the Golds. I would suggest buying both, and sell the lesser of the 2.