FOCAL CHORUS 716 V or Thiel 1.5 ?

hi, i need choise about this models.
I have tube amp 35 rms
I see a focal 92db and 88DB thiel (but 4 ohms)
Im sorry for my english
with your tube amp @ 35wpc, you need the high sensitivity of the Focal speakers. The Thiel is not a good match
i like thiel more in all around, 35w shall be ok, it all depends how loud you listen,, focal is little harsh and matallic in comparison with thiel, and thiel has better imaging to me, my 2 cents with no defense
I listen to low-mid volume
Mati...does your 35wpc tube amp have a 4ohm tap in the back? Thiel recommends 50-150wpc but Sam Tellig, in his review of the speaker (you can find it in Stereophile's archives), ran it with a 20wpc tube amp with decent results. But his tube amp had 4ohm taps in the back which matched well with the speaker because it's nominally a 4ohm impedance speaker, never dipping below 3ohms or going above 5ohms across the frequency spectrum. So that was a good match. I run Thiel 2.4s (so believe me I like the Thiel sound) with ARC Ref 110 (100wpc) in a moderately sized listening room at moderate sound levels and it's enough to drive the speakers. I just don't know about your tube amp. If it has a 4ohm tap and has solid damping factor (allowing it to drive the woofer with control and no mushiness in the bass), then you should be ok.
Hi Cmalak, yes, my tube amp can work with 4 - 8 and 12 ohms (ST 70 dyna)
I humbly suggest amps for speakers, not speakers for amps.