Focal Chorus 700

I just by chance heard the Chorus 726v at a dealer, paired with nice Audio Research front end gear. I was rather impressed. I had been looking at the B&W 804D's and where as the cabinet design is much slicker on the B&W. I was again really impressed the sound of the Focal. Does anyone here have any experience comparing the two and / or similar sized Focal's that are higher up the Focal line? I have an all Audio Research front end (CD3 MkII, LS26, VT100MKII) and all transparent cables, etc. Thank you
I've heard the following Focal speakers: 706v (father-in-law owns a pair), 806v, 807v (friend owns a pair), 726v (very limited listening experience), 816v (almost purchased them for myself), and 836v (what I own).

The 836v is the flagship Chorus series speaker and I absolutely love the sound of the Focal tweeter. They are all about the same size as far as floorspace from the 706v on the Focal stand all the way up to the 836v. I'd recommend the 816v as an option if you liked the 726v.

I listened to a few B&W products and they also sound great, but the Focal really blew me away. It was the 706v that peaked my interest and I ended up spending a lot more than I ever had any plans to do.
I didn't realize that the B&W 804D was a $7,500 speaker so I can't say that I've ever heard a similarly priced Focal speaker. My local dealer only has the Chorus and Utopia lines in the store. I saw an Electra floorstander in the store once, but before I had time to go back for a listen it was gone. The Diablo Utopia is probably my favority speaker that I've ever heard.

I've not heard a B&W speaker in the range that you're looking at, but would agree that the cabinets are sharp!

I find it impressive that a $1,700 Focal speaker peaked your interest enough to warranty a post when you're looking at speakers that are much more expensive.

It was the 706v ($695) that caught my attention because it sound so good compared to my more expensive Infinity speakers. I was a slipperly slope from there for me.
Thanks for the input. I too was surprised as I had been looking and listening to the $7500 B&W. Then when I happened to hear the Focals (not aware of the price) I was impressed. Then I asked how much and they said something like $1800. I asked "each?" and they said no for the pair! I have found over the years that just because it cost more, doesn't mean it will be that much better. In fact I have heard some very expensive systems (I heard Wilsons with Naim) in NY once I thought my stereo was far more enjoyable to listen too. So thats why I am now curious with the Focal line and wondering what is gained when moving up the line. ie from 700 to 800 . Is it just cabinet finishes or are there sound improvements as well. Thanks
The main difference between the 700 and 800 series Chorus speakers is the thickness of the cabinets. In addition, the 800 series floorstanding models sit on a raised platform and have a bottom port to provide additional low end bass. Also, the 800 series stands actually have some sand in them and have more substantial spikes, but I think either stand will work on either series.

I've heard the 700v and 800v and even at that level the 800 series speaker does sound better.

The dealer that I work with has indicated that they think the 836v is one of the best overall values so they tend to either sell the Chorus series or convince the buyer to make the jump into the Utopia line. They indicated that the Electra series was more about appearance than sound quality in their opinion. The more I've listened to their speakers the happier I am with my 836v's.
I can speak from experience on this topic having owned both B&W and Focal. I once owned the B&W N805 coupled with a subwoofer. The system prior to that was an NAD/NHT combo that I really enjoyed, I "upgraded" to the well reviewed 805s spent a lot of money and my listening enjoyment went straight into the crapper. There was a wholeness to the previous rig that was now absent. No warmth, no balls, no meat on the bones, no emotional involvment. The toes never got to tappin!! I listened with the sub, without the sub, it was the same result. I got a bigger amp a Bryston 4B-ST as the B&Ws like lotsa power right??, well it helped a bit and I convinced myself that I was happy with it (some of the missing "meat" did return, I emphasize SOME) but something, a lot actually was still missing. Around this time Focal issued the 25th anniv, model Electras with the "be" tweeter. I had been listening and researching and for a wash money wise a swap was made, I got 907BE standmounts. Same system, room, etc., NOW there was midrange meat, life, detail, that elusive wholeness to the presentation restoring the pleasure to music listening that had been absent for so long. I still ran them with a sub till I decided to try the next model up a 927be. This would be comparable to the 804D you are currently shopping. The 927 had/has a top to bottom presentation that was really addicting. They made listening to music a lot of fun, still do as they sit in the living room as the main house speakers. Current listening room rig is Focal Utopia micro bes plus a sub. The micro/sub is also a fun, fantastic but different sonic picture that the 927. I have a great deal of poorly recorded music, lotsa rock/metal... The utopias give what you put in so I hear the various levels of recording quality, compression, sibilance recorded a bit hotter that nature. Thats a double edged sword I also get subtle details revealed that I never heard in very familiar recordings. This is not to be confused with harshness or cold uninvolving sound, just the opposite but it unveils all the differences between all the recordings in my collection and in the end I like that, a lot!!!. The 927s reveal these differences but to a lesser degree. On a lot of rock recordings thats not a bad thing, try some Queensryche on for size and you'll see what I mean. I love them both and spend many hours enjoying all of my recordings on both systems. I appreciate both presentations and frankly they aren't that far apart, I could happily live with either if I had to give one up, the toughest part would be to pick one. I mention this as an illustration of what to expect at different levels within the Focal line. This also only concerns Focal be series speakers the 907/927s preceeded the current Electra be series and to my ear the be tweeters are worth an audition. I have read great reviews of the chorus series but haven't heard them for myself. Your impressions lead me to believe that the "Focal sound" that I am such a fan of is maintained in the chorus series. I did audition both B&W 802N and the newer 802D series. Both models were heard in various locations and were well broken in. What I'll call "B&W sound" that I came to know very well with my 805s was present in both versions of the 802's meaning they were familiar but not my cup of tea, they didn't make me want to keep listening. In the end its what sounds good to you and I still have fond memories of that modest NAD/NHT combo, it was only after much time and money spent going the wrong way sonically that I got back on track via the Focals. Shop well and best of luck.
When I went shopping for speakers with my father-in-law (not an audiophile) after his junkers died (to my relief), we visited three stores and listened to everything in the budget price range of about $800 per pair. It was a mixed bag of floorstanding speakers and bookshelf models, but we listened to B&W (bookshelf) vs. PSB (floorstanding) in one store and I would have had a difficult time making a choice but I think I would have gone with the B&W if I were forced to choose because it had better detail, but didn't have as much low end as one might expect. The next store had Monitor Audio and Definitive Audio. The Monitor Audio speakers were amazing for their price, but were well below the budget and didn't match up on sound alone. The Definitive Technology speakers really did not impress me on any level. The final store had Paradigm and Focal. I immediately gravitated to the Focal's (I already owned my 836v Focals) but liked the Paradigm speaker a lot (if anything they were a bit bright). My father-in-law pretty much stopped shopping once he heard the 705v speakers. I finally talked him into letting me upgrade him to the 706v speakers that were not available for demo at that store based on my listening to them at my dealer. He's been a happy camper ever since.

Other than the Definitive Technology speakers (at the price range) I could have been happy with owning any of the brands. They all sound excellent on their own, but I certianly have a strong preference for the Focal signature sound. The B&W or Paradigm would probably be the 2nd choices depending on the room.

I've been looking into the 705v and 706v and thought you'd have some valuable insight into my dilemma...

I have go get on-wall speakers due to my 8 month old's recently new found crawling and climbing abilities. I've read that the 705v has wall mount lugs on the back. Can you confirm this? Does the 706v have them too?

Have you heard either speaker very close to a back wall or wall mounted? Thoughts?

Finally, can you describe the differences between both?

I'm currently using a Bryston B60, but once I have a dedicated room again I'll use the Focals in a living room 2 channel system with a lower end integrated amp.

Sorry if I'm hijacking!
Kbarkamian - I don't really know if they have lugs or not, I don't remember ever seeing any on my father-in-laws 706v or the ones I've heard in the store. Here's my listening experience:

Focal 705v - I've only heard these one time when shopping with my father-in-law. The room wasn't a great listening (way too live) space and all of the speakers were sitting against the wall with the bookshelf models on a shelf above the floorstanders. They were fairly far apart, yet they blew away (to our ears) any of the other speakers that we listened to that day in a similar price range.

Focal 706v - My local dealer has these in the showroom and I've listened to them several times. I've never heard them up against the wall in any of their rooms and have mostly heard them in their main room, once connected to $38k speaker wires. My father-in-law has them near the wall, but his listening room is a mess so it's difficult to really say.

P.s. he just called so I had him check and the 706v does NOT have any wall mounting lugs or keyholes.

The two speakers sound very similar because they share a tweeter. I love the sound of them because I can get lost in the music and forget that I'm not listening to my 836v speakers that also share the tweeter. The 706v has better bass response to the point that I'd consider owning it for 2 channel, but the 705v would only be a surround speaker for my taste.

Maybe mount them on a small shelf?

There are also in-wall versions of each, I believe, but they are actually more expensive if I remember correctly.

The Focal Dome speakers have a nice sound as well, but are a little too expensive for my taste, but the subwoofer would be a nice bonus and they are made for wall mounting.
Thanks, Mceljo. I'd go in-wall, but I rent, so it's not the best option. The layout doesn't make building a shelf the best option either. I'm pretty much limited to on-wall. I've come down to the 705v or Totem Deramcatcher. Not sure how either would sound wall mounted, but both are fantastic speakers for the money in a traditional stands set-up. My wife really likes both speakers visually, so it's a toss up between them.

Thanks again for the info. It's been very valuable.