Focal Bird not working anymore, any way to fix it?

I have an older Focal Bird setup. The speakers hooked up to another amp are still working but something on the board has to be fried or broken. I think I have a multi-meter around here somewhere and not sure if that would fix the problems.

I uploaded 4 pictures of the board..not sure if you could tell if a certain piece looks bad or just circle what pieces I should check for.

One thing I already did try was a new fuse, it worked for about 30 seconds before the system stopped again.

whoops forgot to add the picture link:

Sadly, the fuses are a clue.  Something has shorted. Best you can do is look for any of those cans that might have blown.  You might find sticky goo underneath them, or burst seams. Another clue would be to look for black / burnt areas underneath. If you are very very luck, that will show you what to replace. Otherwise... << sigh >>
Well I took apart the back and took a few more pics. Didn't find anything broken but I did find a scratched part on the back.

Also by the looks of it, the fuse doesn't look blow at all. No black anywhere on teh fuse, its not split or anything like that..Not sure if that gives any clues.
Let me if you work this out. I’m having the same issue. Mine hasn’t fully shorted-out yet, but I have to turn it off and on intermittently to get it to work, and the input light will at times dim in and out when I turn it on.