Focal Aria 936 / Elac Adante AF-61 / Von Schweikert VR-33 , impressions, thoughts?

Thinking of upgrading my speakers and in the past have just gone with what I thought was a great deal, sometimes that worked, more often it did not!

Have a shortlist right now of those 3 speakers.

Focal Aria 936
Elac Adante AF-61
Von Schweikert VR-33

Presently using Triangle Altea ESW speakers.

What am I lacking right now? Possibly some lower bass, the Triangles are superb in the mids and upper registers but you can definitely tell they are  a little limp below 40hz. And at the end of the day even though I consider them to be fantastic speakers, they were after all only 2k brand new so there are likely better options out there to consider.

So thoughts and impressions on those 3 speakers or any serious contenders in the same sort of price bracket, I am looking at used examples only so think 3k max.

Will be driving them with an Ayre AX-7E integrated which I will NOT be changing anytime soon (famous last words I know!)

Thank you
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I know it’s late, but I did hear the Elac  Adante floorstander and large monitor a few months ago.  Not to my liking I am sorry to report.  Especially the tower.  Boomy, sloppy bass. To me, an unrefined sound.  Room and speaker/seat placement were less than ideal so i’m sure SQ could be improved upon.  I also heard persona 3f in same room.  They were in a different league in terms of refinement.  They too were not at their best due to set up/room.  IMO the problem for the Elacs ***that day, in that room and to my ears***is that they did NOT sound surprisingly good for a speaker half the price of the $10k personas. They sounded like a speaker with a much much lower price tag.  I have no idea how they sound compared to other 5k speakers as i’ve not been auditioning any.  I did hear some proac D30R last week that were just under $8k ( I think).  The proac and the Treo CT are the 2 best $8k speakers i’ve heard so far.
Never too late my friend
ProAc have been on the edge of my radar for a while but you have to cull the potential suspects at some time or another … lol.
We will see how the Focals fare once here and hopefully can step off the speaker merry go round for a while
Great MJK avatar, btw.  Caught APC concert in 2000.  Was great.   Went to a John cougar Mellencamp concert about three years ago. found out puscifer played the theater the night before. I almost cried  for having missed that opportunity.
Thank you
I love the new album as it has a mix of older type material and some newer more catchy stuff, great to hear new stuff after so many years!

Saw APC about 2 years ago at Rockville.

Waiting for new Tool album now.
And rumoured to be working on a new Puscifer album too, guess his creative juices are now on full throttle!

another +vote for the Focal 936 speaker.  Hope you like them in your system.  Happy Listening!