Focal Aria 936 / Elac Adante AF-61 / Von Schweikert VR-33 , impressions, thoughts?

Thinking of upgrading my speakers and in the past have just gone with what I thought was a great deal, sometimes that worked, more often it did not!

Have a shortlist right now of those 3 speakers.

Focal Aria 936
Elac Adante AF-61
Von Schweikert VR-33

Presently using Triangle Altea ESW speakers.

What am I lacking right now? Possibly some lower bass, the Triangles are superb in the mids and upper registers but you can definitely tell they are  a little limp below 40hz. And at the end of the day even though I consider them to be fantastic speakers, they were after all only 2k brand new so there are likely better options out there to consider.

So thoughts and impressions on those 3 speakers or any serious contenders in the same sort of price bracket, I am looking at used examples only so think 3k max.

Will be driving them with an Ayre AX-7E integrated which I will NOT be changing anytime soon (famous last words I know!)

Thank you
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I had a pair of Devore Gibbon 8 speakers back in 2011.  I drove from Rhode Island to Annapolis, Maryland and back home (800 miles) on Dec30, 2010 to pick them up from an Audiogon member.  I paid 1800.00 for mine back then.  I felt they sounded best on Jazz music.  The bass in my living room didn't go that low but I had great luck integrating a Paradigm sub into the system.  For whatever reasons, it worked really well.

I had the set up for about a year before selling off the speakers and sub as I felt the highs were a little too polite on Rock music.  They were a real fun speaker though.  They are extremely musical speakers and I am glad I got to experience the Devore sound.  I got to talk briefly with John Devore in the elevator at RMAF last year. He is a very nice guy and invited my wife and I up to  their suite to listen  to the  0/96 speakers.  If I ever set up a third system, it will be either the Devore 0/96 or 0/93 speakers with a nice Line Magnetic integrated amp.

The Devore speakers  really sound more like music than speakers if you know what I mean.  Enjoy!

Yes I know you did, lol, I read your thread here from back then when I researched the gibbon8!

I would agree they are very musical, best I can describe is they do not seem to add or subtract anything. Nothing shouts out like wow, hear this bass or treble etc.

They just get on with the job.
Polite is a decent description and maybe not ideal for rock but right now they are a refreshing change from the Triangles. They are excellent still imho but are definitely an acquired taste as they are very in your face and immediate if you understand.
Be interesting when the 936 show up.
3 way speaker battle!
I know it’s late, but I did hear the Elac  Adante floorstander and large monitor a few months ago.  Not to my liking I am sorry to report.  Especially the tower.  Boomy, sloppy bass. To me, an unrefined sound.  Room and speaker/seat placement were less than ideal so i’m sure SQ could be improved upon.  I also heard persona 3f in same room.  They were in a different league in terms of refinement.  They too were not at their best due to set up/room.  IMO the problem for the Elacs ***that day, in that room and to my ears***is that they did NOT sound surprisingly good for a speaker half the price of the $10k personas. They sounded like a speaker with a much much lower price tag.  I have no idea how they sound compared to other 5k speakers as i’ve not been auditioning any.  I did hear some proac D30R last week that were just under $8k ( I think).  The proac and the Treo CT are the 2 best $8k speakers i’ve heard so far.
Never too late my friend
ProAc have been on the edge of my radar for a while but you have to cull the potential suspects at some time or another … lol.
We will see how the Focals fare once here and hopefully can step off the speaker merry go round for a while
Great MJK avatar, btw.  Caught APC concert in 2000.  Was great.   Went to a John cougar Mellencamp concert about three years ago. found out puscifer played the theater the night before. I almost cried  for having missed that opportunity.