Focal Aria 936 compared to Legacy Signature III

I have a pair of Focal Aria 936s now and I am happy with the sound. I don't find them to be bright at all and they have adequate bass for my room. Has anyone compared the 936s to the Legacy Signature IIIs? Are they considered to be superior to the 936s? They are much heavier and have a ribbon tweeter which I have never heard. The specs say they dig deeper than the Focals. Is there a reason why they sell used for much lower than the MSRP new? Usually less than half price.
The Signature III model is at least 20 years old, and now superseded by newer models at least twice, which is why its selling price is well below original msrp (which I believe was $4500 - 5500 depending on finish). The Rosewood finish was really sweet and worth getting. 

I owned these in the mid 2000s. They can sound really nice. Good balance top to bottom, capable of much more bass oomph than most audiophile speakers in the price range by far. I never quite got them to sound as sweet as they did in my friend’s dedicated room (I bought them from him). I tried them in different rooms/positions with different gear. Never got them to gel for me until after I decided to sell them. I had a local buyer who wanted a demo, I thought “no way he’ll buy them after hearing, but might as well try”. I set them up on a wall I haven’t tried before for some reason. Wouldn’t you know it - they sounded GREAT. Well, the buyer snapped them up for $1900, rightfully so. What a deal! Live and learn for me but I moved on back to Tannoys and have been happy there ever since.

They sound great with the Parasound Halo amps, A21 and up. They sounded awful with a Sunfire 600 Signature II - avoid that pairing! 
I like my Focal 926 with a Tubed Pre and Ps Audio Amp , I compared them to Quad ribbon tweeter  and Sonus Faber (Sonetto III maybe)  and stuck with the Focals. Although I did like to the Qauds very much , S3 I believe. Would love to have 2nd pair of those.  If I listen to strictly Classical might have went with the Sonetto's.