Focal Aria 936

So I sent an email to Music Direct if they sell the Focal 936 and if they can Order it and if it will have their 60 return guarantee. I was surprised to receive this reply.

' We are not authorized to sell the Aria 936. The only Focal Aria we get access to are models they discontinue'.

They have the Focal 726 so does that mean Focal is discontinuing their Aria speakers or just an excuse not to order it?.


It's probably the truth. They are just a clearing house (in some cases, not all) for products that are discontinued by a number of manufacturers. They're not really a full-fledged dealer. 
Go to Focal's website and look for an authorized dealer. If you don't buy through an authorized dealer they won't honor their warranty. 
As for discontinued Aria 900 series, the 905 is the model they dumped. You can find those all over for various prices through non-authorized outlets. 
I would strongly suggest shopping dealers for them. I picked up my 936's for $3400 in their boxes fresh off the truck from Audio Plus Services through an authorized dealer. 
The 936's they had for awhile were the discontinued light wood finish.

Find an authorized dealer -- the 936 is by far the best speaker you can buy in that price range.  
Hi Couger,

Yeah, there are a number of vendors who pick up Focal’s after they have been discontinued for a song.

Music Direct
Parts Connexion
Spearit Sound

Other brands you will see doing this kind of thing is Monitor Audio and Wharferdale.