Focal Aria 926 with Rotel integrated?

Curious if anyone has used Rotel gear with Focal Aria 926s? My current set up is a Rotel RA-1570 driving B&W CM6 (s1 towers which I’ve owned for nearly 15 years). The upgrade bug hit me when my local shop became a Focal dealer a few months ago. I was able to listen the Aria 948s powered by a PrimaLuna integrated which had a wonderful sound. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to hear them with Rotel gear which is why I’m wondering if anyone here has done so. I’m specifically interested in the 926 because of my room size (~230 s/f).

It probably won't be as sweet as it was with the PrimaLuna but it's worth a try. 
rotel is relatively lean thin sounding solid state, diametric opposite of primaluna lush rolled off tube sonics
I realize that the sound with Rotel will be subpar when compared to PrimaLuna, but it’s what I currently have to work with. I’m looking for user feedback as to how well the Rotel will work with the Focals from anyone who tried the combo.