Focal Aria 926/936

I know the comparison of these two speakers has been brought up here before, but most of the conversation seems to be around the bass response. Despite having slightly lower frequency response, does anyone have any experience comparing the two in other areas of the frequency spectrum? My dealer mentioned that the mid-range driver is crossed over both higher and lower delivering better sound.

I'm leaning toward the 926 since my listening room is only 15' x 15'. Also, the height of the 936 puts the tweeter quite a bit above my ears.
I don’t know a single tower speaker that sounds best at tweeter level (not counting MTM type of designs). In virtually all tower speakers ever made, the drivers sum if the ear is closer to the midrange. 

This ear at tweeter is a myth that needs to go away. 
Agree - Do not care if a tweeter is even or  a foot above my ears . If imaging from a speaker is higher than my sitting position it sounds natural to me. I am sitting and the performer is standing or on a raised stage is what I mentally perceive.
Couldn’t agree more about tweeter level not being an issue.  Especially with how good the Aria performance is off axis.  

The 926 is a steal for the price, but the 936 is really considerably better for an insignificant amount of money.  

If you can get the dealer to do anything 12-15% off on Focal, the difference in price  will be even less.  Focal is a low margin brand, so expect 12-15% off absolute max.

Great choice of speaker.  I own a pair in one of my rooms, and have turned two good friends onto them.  They are in love.
If memory serves, the one negative of the 936 is the impedance through the bass. It needs a beefier amp than average.

About listening angle... I agree that some speakers seem to sound closer to the midrange/mid-woofer level than the tweeter, even speakers I have designed specifically for listening on tweeter axis. This is a phenomenon other speaker designers have commented on, which may speak to an incomplete connection between measurements and hearing preferences.

So, I think a lot of speakers are designed for listening on tweeter level, but we definitely may not perceive it as such. Some of the biggest B&W speakers are in this category based on measurements and listener feedback.

The Tekton Enzo is an example of a speaker that can really needs to be at or below the tweeter level. 

I do not agree that all speakers should have a wide dispersion and sweet spot. There are good arguments for the opposite. Buy what you like though!
Duh, I just read my original post. I meant to say the mid range driver in the 936 is crossed over higher and lower, so is a better performer overall. Thanks all for your responses! 
I own the 948. Both in my room and experience and talking with Focal I started to adjust the Rake or tilt of the speakers. Depending on you sitting position and seat height I found this can make a substantial change in the sound presentation. Many audiophiles will agonize about an inch one way or another horizontal and never touch the Rake. 
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There is no increase in bass output from 926 to 936.  All you get is tighter bass due to it being able to use three drivers not working as hard and the fact that the crossover point is lower also frees them up to do a better job.  The other aspect you gain is a slightly lower bass reach.  

Definitely not MORE bass.  The only more you get is the ability to play a little louder.  
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I’d feel bad if the OP ended up passing on the vastly superior 936 due to your comments. The difference between the 926 and 936 is not bass output, period.

I also have no idea why you kept mentioning the 948 as they have zero relation to the question and are so different from the 936 it’s almost as if they are a different speaker line.  Then you go on to bring up the 826, which is literally a different speaker line.  

Its midrange quality, bass quality, and bass depth. Very simple.  
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Sorry, but I can’t take you seriously after the first sentence.

Yes, I did read the rest. In the interest of keeping things civil, all I will say is you are wildly misinformed and short sighted.

Lets start with the simple comment thay the 826 is better than the 926 based on what?  The W drivers?  Focal released the Kanta with “inferior” drivers to the Electra, and increased the price by $3,000.  A speaker is much more than the sum of its parts.
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If you after quality of bass, a tight projection w/discernable tonal nuances and the speed to render transients well, rather than muddying them up, then the 936 is an excellent choice [along w/many others].If you seeking quantity of bass, w/a lot of rumble factor, STOP LOOKING AT SPEAKERS WITH 6.5" DRIVERS.  This should be a given, but it's obvious from some of the comments above, it's not.
As to the original post, which was about the tweeters, I am amazed every day @ how fantastic these inverted domes in the 936s are, whether sitting, standing, centered, off axis ~ better than any AMT or ribbon that I've heard ~ and I was very partial to the MA Gold 100 gen 4, which has a ribbon tweeter...until I heard the Focal.In short, based on my experience w/the 936s, the tweeter height will prove to be a non-factor for you, as it has for me.