Focal Aria 906 vs Totem Mite

Hi everyone
I am almost set to buy
Ampl: Cambridge CX A 80 (or CX a 60)
CD: Cambridge CXC

For speakers the one I liked the most so far are Totem Mite and Focal 906, but didnt have the chance to listen back to back, so if you ask me to compare or which I liked more I wouldnt be able to provide a clear answer

what would you expert suggest? I'd like also to throw in the choice the SOnus Faber Venere 2.0 but not able yet to listen.

I listen classical/opera/chamber/piano solo/jazz
thanks in advance
Of all the amp/DACs you've been looking at, the Cambridge CX A 80 seems a good choice. I think you should go with the higher power (CX80) since the sensitivity of these speakers only ranges from 87-89dB.

The Mites are an impressive speaker; listening to them you never realize they're so small. (need a long break-in). Wide soundstage, good detail, but with any of your speaker selections, you'll need a subwoofer especially for classical.

I haven't heard the others, but if you're looking at the
Venere 2.0($1700), I assume you're buying used.
As far as power, I just realised the difference between 60wpc and 80wpc is negligible.
I have heard the Venere 2.0's and they are superb. The 2.0 seems to be the real sweet spot in the Venere lineup. You won't need a subwoofer either with its 7" mid-bass driver.
With your musical tastes, I would think these would be ideal for you. But go hear them first and then let us know what you think.