Focal Alto Utopia or Dynaudio C2 + Fathom 112

Hi all, my quest for audio nirvana has led me to decide between a set of Lab Alto Utopia or C2 + Fathom 112, I have heard both setup and would prefer the Alto for mid to higher frequency and being a bass freak, have loved the JL sub very much, the JL sub is simply a league of its own.

And to me the C2 + JL 112 combo looks more modern, my concern is the integration and coherence between the C2 and fathom 112.

Please give me your thought on the respective strength and weakness and what would be the "educated" choice.

Thank you so much..
I own older Focals and built my system around them. It is indeed their treble and midrange that is what makes them unique and special. I am not a bass freak but understand your taste/preferences. What is stopping you from adding a JL sub to the Focals? Also remember that the C2s are harder to drive than the Focals.
That said if you like the C2 and Fathom combination why not buy them. You will not get the same crystaline halography that the Focals can, if you need someone to reinforce your impression of the Focal sound I testify that you are not "just hearing things" that is the way they are if proper electronics are employed.
I must add that the Alto Utopia and C2+Fathom combo are used and is similarly priced and I do not have the budget, at least not for a while, to add/try the fathom with the Alto Utopia

I do prefer the C2 esthetics but nothing else really strike me and am I correct to believe that the C2 would integrate better with a Fathom because the C2 bottom end are almost non existing?

the Alto Utopia low bass character are quite different from the Fathom, I am afraid they might not mate well when I eventually have the money and decided to try one.

well, I guess I shouldn't buy my speakers base on the lowest end frequency response
Betaiso - if you are interested in the sound signatures of Focal vs. Dynaudio, I did a comparison between the Focal Utopia Micro Be and the C1 Signature:

Ultimately I stayed with Focal but they are very different and came down to what I listen to more rather than general performance.