Focal 700V series for 5.1 home theater or ???

Newbie here. Am pairing sound with a Panny 58". Just got the Marantz SR7005. Have listened to the Focal 726V and the 826V (separate rooms) - not hearing a ton of difference for the money btw the two BUT I do like the Focal sound. Likely 70/30 Video/Audio use on this setup. Have listened to Paradign, PSB (liked both) B&W (too "tight") and the new entry level Martin Logan (interesting). Room is in a converted barn - primary listening area about 16 x 13 (entire open area is 16 x 39) - vaulted ceiling is over 25'. Speaker budget for 5.1 ideally around 3K but I have wiggle room. Am open to demo/refurb/used. Thanks for any input!
Ironically, you are talking about two of the models that I have had the least listening experience with, but I'm very familiar with the Focal Chorus 700 and 800 series speakers.

The hi fi store that I deal with generally carries the 706v, 816v & 836v speakers and currently has 806v and 807v speakers as well. I own the 836v speakers, but almost went with the 816v speakers. The reason that I opted for the 836v was that I was planning to go without a subwoofer (I've since added one for home theater) and there was one particular song that I heard in the store where a background harp sounded like it was in the room on the 836v and just didn't have the seperation on the 816v.

I purchased my father-in-law a set of 706v speakers because it was at the right price point for the purchase and he chose Focal over PSB, Paradigm, B&W and a couple of others.

Just last week a friend of mine purchased a pair of 807v speakers and I really like them as well.

The 800 series speakers have thicker cabinets and more internal bracing so there is less resonance and the 800 series floorstanding models have a bottom firing port that give the low end bass a boost. I've only heard the 726v once in a different store and it was on much less expensive equipment but wasn't nearly as impressed.

I can tell you that the 806v sounded better to me than the 706v in the same room and nearly identical gear.

If you're planning to use a subwoofer for home theater then I'd recommend the 816v that retails for about $2,000. Like the 826v it is a 2-1/2 way design and I suspect the 3-way design of the 836v is partly responsible for the improvement in instrument seperation.

If you want to maximize for 2 channel, I'd find a way to get the 836v speakers. I absolutely love mine. I could be very happy with some of the other brands that I've heard, but I really like the Focal tweeter. I think it's head and shoulders above the rest, but I know some people don't like it at all.
As for a 5.1 setup, I'd get 800 series floorstanders for the mains and 700 series for the center and rears.

Mains: 816v ($2,000 pr)
Rears: 705v ($500 pr)
Center: CC 700v ($500) / CC 800v $600 (might be worth it)

I would go with a different brand subwoofer. I have a Martin Logan Dynamo 700 that I got for about $650 at and it's fantastic for the price.
One final thought, I actually don't use a center channel because I simply don't have room in my cabinet and I'd suspect that I could convince a lot of people that I do have one anyways. In my opinion, as long as you're listening position is between the main speakers the center channel isn't nearly as important.

My rears are Infinity TSS800 speakers that are not nearly as nice as my Focal mains and I have yet to notice, while watching a movie, that they didn't sound up to the task.

My personal preference is to maximize your budget on the mains and subwoofer, skip the center channel and use very affortable rears. I know that it's possible to get a better sound, but there's always something better so this is how I choose to spend my money.
I'm all about maximizing budget! Am hoping to re-listen to the Focals and probably the ML's in a week or so.
I have not heard much of the Martin Logan products beyond being very happy with their subwoofer.

Another option might be Monitor Audio if there is a dealer locally. I've only heard one of their very affordable bookshelf models, but was really impressed with its sound for the price. You might get a sound that you like for less money that the Focal's would cost.
Well ... made the BIG move ... re-listened to a bunch of things yesterday and pulled the trigger on the Focal 836V with 800 series center and sub. ( OF COURSE it was more than I had planned/budgeted for! ;) ) We have a pretty big listeneing area so ... we hope to fill it! Should be starting to set up things in a couple of weeks. Thanks for your input.
Congrats! I can't imagine that you won't be happy with your purchase once you've forgetten about the bill.

You'll find two things with the 836v speakers. First, when they are new the tweeters can sound fairly harsh. I'd suggest putting on some music with some good highs and let it run and a low to medium volume for a couple of days. It doesn't take too long to get 95% of the harshness to go away. I've heard enough of the speakers that were new and broken in that I can immediately tell if the speaker in the store is new out of the box. Second, as the speakers break in the bass response gets much stronger. This aspect isn't really a negative in the short term, but you'll likely notice a change/improvement over the long term.

What do you have for a receiver/amplification?
Just picked up a Marantz SR 7005 (saved a bit of money there - factory refurb).

Thanks for the tips! You've been very helpful.
I think you'll like the Marantz. It would be fun to compare Marantz SR7005 to my Integra 50.1 in a side by side.