Focal 1038Be with Bryston?

Hello. I will likely  purchase floor standers and a power amp sight unseen in the near future. I am well aware that this is far less than ideal. I like the idea of 1038Be because I am familiar with the beryllium and the W cone drivers from the Focal pro audio monitors line. Also I am comfortable with Bryston due to my work in pro audio. Which Bryston I'm not sure, maybe 3B3.
 Anyway the system would be a Lavry DA10 which I already have, directly into the Bryston and Focals. I would like sufficient well defined bass, and good accuracy. I don't need much color. I'm used to listening to studio monitors. 
410 square foot room
Folk, jazz, world. Mostly acoustic instruments. No electronica.

If there is some reason that this is a crazy bad match up, I would like to hear about it. Thanks in advance.

I have tve 14b3 and urs much more refined than the 14bsst that it replaced. I'm driving OHM Walsh 5000s and it sounds great. The speakers are a little mellow.
So a dealer recently described the 1038be as having lean bass response. He said it goes low, but lean. Has this been a common experience?
It's a design principle of Focals to make the bass difficult, and make them seem more discerning of amplifier power. I wouldn't call them lean so much as challenging.
I can’t help you with the amp. I have only heard the 1037be (same speaker with a slightly different crossover to the tweeter). I would not call them lean but they are pretty neutral speaker in the bass. 

They don’t slam or have the texture in the bass of something like the wilson Sophia’s. The focals have pretty clear mids/highs and you will probably like them fine coming from the studio world. 

At thier current street price od $6000-$7000 they are a steal at their original retail of $11,000 I would want more bass. These would pair well with subs.