focal 1038 be or sonus faber olympica

I have a focal 826 w and i want to change my speakers to focal 1038be or sonus faber olympica what do you think ?

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The Olympica -3 are the most natural speakers I have ever heard in the $15k range.for sure more body and depth vs the Focal 938 the 938 will go lower in Scale into the upper 20hz region.  The SF-3 is just more 3 dimensional very conservatively rated at 35 hz in reality it  displays test tones at 30 hz without a lot of effort.
on shear looks  I have not found a woman or man that didnot think they were a work of art . I am trying to buy a pair new if possible without 
question with the Walnut,maple stripe combo.   The Focal Sopra-2 would be 
a very tough choice,but not much discounts I never buy anything unless I get over  20% off . Just a matter of principle .