Focal 1038 be, CC 1008 Be, Profile 918 HELP


I have a 5.0 setup ATM with Focal Electra 1038 be (fronts) ,Focal Electra CC 1008 Be (center) and Profile 918 as surround. Paired with pioneer SC-lx90 SUSANO. I use Tvix through HDMI and ps3 too.

I do like the sound of realism and that it is revealing everything but I think it is a bit to bright and ear fatiguing.

I plan to add a subwoofer and maybe change the sc-lx90 to something else. Any input on this will do!

I own older versions of Electras and not for surround. The JM Focal signature sonic leans to the analytical and detailed side, to use them best I made some changes. You are right that the reciever/amp must be top quality or the speakers will let you know it very quickly. I finally switched to tuybe power amps which don't seem like an easy thing for you to do. The cabling I used was important and if you have the monet top notch Cardas Golden anythings (refs, sigs etc.) are the ones to choose. Stay away from neutral or silver coated cables of any sort. In a Stereo set up tube amps are easier than perople think and if you can rig up a 5.1 that way you will be astonished by what these can do. If not as I said really good preferrably class A amps can work.
Thanks for your input!

I know the sound can be great. I have tried my profile 918 whit musical fidelity a1008 cd & amp, and it was very good.

I use Harmonic Technology Fantasy speaker cables to fronts and neo-tech 7nines to the center speaker atm. Maybe i need to change to tube monoblock on all speakers? To get more comfortably sound?
What about this one

Vacuum Tube Driven 5-Channel Power Amplifier

And can i use my sc-lx90 as preamp for this or do i need to change it for a processor?
There is only one way to know for sure. You guessed it you must hear it. Butler is successful but i have no personal knowledge of their sonic attributes. It appears to be a step in the right direction. Cary Audio makes some 5 chanel amps but are SS. I haven't heard the either. The solution is to get your pre pro of choice and hook up 5 expensive tube monoblocks for the amplification. I use Consonance Cyber 800 monos and they are truly wonderful, even won some awards but the Sinophobic audio community has virtually ignored them. You can buy them used for as little as $1K-$800 a pop today. They retailed for more than twice that and they sound really great with the stock tubes. If you get into it you may want to roll the small signal tubes 6922 and 5687s. You can start by using them as stereo speakers with your pre and see if you like them. (you will) leave the stock power tubes in place but do get the Cardas ICs Golden refs or ___, between your pre and and the amps. I can hear them now I bet you will like it a whole lot.
Agree with mechan. I ran my Electra with Anthem and Bryston and got ugly really quick. Then came Pass Labs class A amp and it's beautiful.