focal 1037be, revel studio 2 comparison

Speakers will be used 90% in home theater. Anthem Statement p5 and d2v pre-pro. I may be a day or two before I can reply back to any response. Thanks ahead of time for input.
I would do the Focals ........... heard the Revels....they are nice as well ............ the Focals sounded more transparent and dynamic to me
Thanks, I do love the 1027 and have heard the 1037 is much better,
It's not that the 1037 is better. It's bigger! It has (3) 7" woofers compared to the 1027 (2) 6 1/2". The 1027 is more suited to small/medium rooms and the 1037 fits nicely in large/medium rooms. They both sounded similar to me. The 1037 plays a little lower in the bass. But you can integrate a subwoofer into the system to play it down even further.
I have not heard the Ultima 2 Gem 2, will these speakers perform better than the 1037?
Thanks ,

Well I have not listening to the Revel line much but took a very long look at the 1037 at one point... All in all they were just ok. They had their moments but at the end of the day there are much better sounding speakers in their price range. The different parts were ok (The highs were nice the midrange was clear and the bass was good but very room sensitive) but as a whole they came up short. My best guess is the revels are better....
I agree with James63 about the Focals being room dependent. I use the 1027 BE in a small room and luckly it integrates really well. Better than any other spreakers I have ever tried. Room treatments made this speaker sound even better. IMO, the best speaker that I ever heard. You have to match these up with the right equipment as well as you do all components.
my room is about 3600 cubic feet. I do have treatments on my walls. I'm using 3 JL audio F113 subs, I trying to deciide if I should go up to the 1037be, or if I will get better with 3 Gem 2's across tv front. I'm using Anthem P5 amp. I really like the Focals, I just like them loud, but then I want to turn the volume down after a while.

Thanks for the info.