Focal 1028 Be II vs. 1038 Be II -- is the big price difference worth it to go 1038?

After going around and around researching mid size floor standing speakers of every imaginable brand for the last couple years, I'm really tempted, at current used prices, to pick up a set of 1028 Be2(I use the "2" because that is how they are advertised by both dealers and private sellers).   I don't see how you can achieve better all around sound quality in a floor stander for ~$3500.  

But I'd really love a set of 1038 Be2 because of the extra woofer and cabinet volume, but the asking prices are way, way higher than the 1028, with a difference between 1028 and 1038 of as much as $2,500 to $3,000.  You can buy a whole bunch of other stuff with that price difference!

My question is, why is there so much difference in price, considering that even the Focal statistics indicate the 1038 only digging 2 dB deeper in the bass? It's hard to pony up that much more cash if there's not really much noticeable difference in an average room.

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I still regret  NOT grabbing a pair of mint 1038's for $3900(YES,for the pair!!)couple years ago.

It was one of those "stop thinking, and grab them, opportunities" 
Alas, I waffled.

There is no II version. Just a newer serial number run.They are all the same. The ones I had my eyes on were the uncommon Basalt finish.

Oh well, audio deals come and go. Something even better will come up, and I probably will twiddle my thumbs again.

mtrot- there may be minor aesthetic change, but specs,build remained unchanged.