Focal 1027 Electra Be and power amp


I am looking to upgrade my amp. Currently looking at Audio Research amps both tube and solid state.

Anyone have experience with these speakers and which amp they like with them. I don't need high power. My current amp is 50w/channel and is quite loud enough.

Looking at the VS60 and SD135 by ARC. I did hear these speakers sound better with solid state rather than tubes, though.
If you want to stick with solid state, the Audio Research 100.2 is a classic (100 wpc) and can be had @ $1,750 on the used market.
I own floor stander Electras and own an old Solid State ARC. I find my tube monoblocks and tube pre sound much better.Focals can get digitis with SS be careful.
Which Electras? Another member told me with a tube amp, the 1027 Be was a bit too bright. He was happy with Rowland Concerto SS amp.

ARC VS115 looks good but it looks to be too much power for my room. Maybe the VS60...