Focal 1027 BE break in

Just got Focal 1027 BE speakers. Sound great - but midrange not as detailed as I like. I'm spoiled with my Martin Logan Ascents. For other owners out there - does midrange improve with break in period? Bass already is amazing.
I auditioned a pair of 1027 BE after a few hundred hours of breakin. I also heard them new and at different stages of breakin. I would expect that not only would your bass improve, deeper, tighter, more feel, but your midrange will also flesh out. I think it is a great speaker and I would give it at least a hunderd hours of play time before judging it.
I have a pair of these. They were demos. They do tend to sound better as time goes own. It seems to be much more full now. But it's not like they sounded bad to begin with. All I can say is that the vocals to me seem to be perfect. It seems like I am hearing music and not the speaker.
I demo-ed a pair next to a pair of Martin Logan Summits at the shop. They were much more full and rich than the summits. Midrange was great.

I bought the focals brand new for my office. I also have a pair of the ML Ascents in my HT. When listening to jazz/blues with the focals, the upper string instruments not as detailed as the Logans. I hope this improves to what i heard in the stereo shop.
Are you using the same amp, preamp and source for both the 1027s and the Ascents? If not, comparing their sound to each other is meaningless.

Furthermore, your office and your home theater room would have to be the same size, have the speakers in the same locations, and have the same furniture and wall and floor coverings....
I'm a two month proud owner. I was fortunate to demo a broken in pair in the house for 2 weeks while I auditioned and awaited delivery of my new pair. The 1027's need some break-in time. You'll find the high's and mid-range to be their strong suit.
My Alto Be took a good 3 months to really break in and sing.
Does 30M2(not dedicated listening room, just normal living room) too small for 1027Be?
30 square meters (about 270 square feet) should be fine.

I do think these speakers prefer a relatively well/damped or "dead" room. If you don't have carpet and not much soft furniture, you might find they sound a little bright in a room of that size.

My room is about 16 x 22 x 9 feet, and I found that I needed to add absorption panels to tame the reflections. I don't have much furniture, and just an area rug.