fo.Q TA-52 & TA-102

Hello tweekers
who know about the technical difference between fo.Q TA-52 & TA-102 ?
i am tired for searching every where for info about these.
The manufacture have a little info and suggest to try &
explore ...
It seems to be good ware & everybody have a experience and
some reports , but i think when they produce two different
material (except the size , color & thickness) , it must
have a explanation for it ! !
May be they don't exactly know all the uses ,but they might
be know the technical info of their product .some thing like
the power of attenuate vibration or frequency range &
any useful data for precisely exploring may be !
They don't answer to my question . have you any idea about
this? or experienc?
I asked to "Cable company" for info & Ethan Wood of
"cable company" kindly answer & say that unfortunately
they couldn't provide a more definitive answer to my question , but :
"Most users use the .5mm for smaller applications (Caps and such) and the thicker 1.0mm for other applications.
Serious users notice differences between the two, but it's subjective."