FMS Blue cables ?

Company still in business and how good are these cables?
Contact Ensemble AV in New Hampshire ( - they can tell you about FMS. I have a set of early FMS Blues and a later set and feel both are great.
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Contact :Bruce Jacobs at Soundworld in WI.{920}733-8539. The "blue" was a nice sounding cable,a little sweet up-top.When I was selling cables for Alex/FMS, the cables' design changed three times in the period of a year{Microwave/Zero}. By the time I heard a version I liked,the cable changed. If that's not bad enough,delivery time is absurd-they are and were called the w-8 for "wait". Good luck and stick to the FMS Blue.Tom
There is info on current FMS offerings here:

There will be a new site coming along fairly soon. Fidelis A/V in NH has some of his cables in stock. (

-Ed Sawyer
I Think the Nexus II is FMS's latest offering. Very hard to get. I know a dealer who has access to any cable he wants. He will use only the FMS in his demos. I would love to give these a try, but it seems they are near impossible to get.
What I have heard from this dealers setup, I understand why he will use no other wire in his main show room.
From what I understand, there is a lot of truth in what Tpsonic has said.