FMS Blue

I have 2 pair of FMS Blue 3 ft. interconnects that I purchased in 1985. Anyone familiar with these and if so are they comparable to today's cables? Are they classics? What is their value?
I have a 20 foot pair that I bought around the same time. I'd also like to know some info about this product / company. Are they still around?
FMS stands for "Favorite Music Systems". This brand was sold by Joe Harley and Bill Low originally. They went on to found Audioquest. The first of their cables were marked FMS by Audioquest. Then the name changed to Livewire, then to just Audioquest.

I hope I am remembering this correctly. I was one of the first Audioquest dealers and seem to recall this history.

The FMS blue that you have, became Livewire Type 6, then Audioquest Blue...I think.
Smooth and even response from bottom through top ends.
Bass is acceptable.
Somewhat veiled compared to today's cables, but very good in its time.
Not as quiet as today's cables.
Build quality and RCA's were good.

In their current market FMS Blue was excellent.
Value today??? Probably not too much.
The web site for FMS is below. I have some of his newer cables. The Blues are about 20 or more years old. If you need a cable for your center speaker send me an email we can work out a deal. Alex worked with AudioQuest then went on his own. Your Blues could be his or thiers. He was based out of NH when those cables were made.
to add what has already been posted, there were 3 versions of the blue interconnect; Blue, Blue II, and Blue III.
after that Alex switched to another naming scheme; had one called microwave, but I don't recall where it fit into the line up. Alex was also one of the first to start using litz wire which is way better than any of the silver plated copper. At one time, I had my whole system wired in Blue II or Blue III. I think I have one 20 Ft pair still left.

If you want to be surprised, order some litz and make your own. You'll need a solder pot to tin the ends.
Alex/FMS started out on his own around 1995 +/-.His base cable was the blue IC and waveguide SC.Next up was the Microwave,followed by the Nexus series.
The Blue is fairly neutral,Microwave more full bodied and the Nexus was an attempt at maximum detail retrieval(only heard the first generation prototype).
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Thanks for your replies. I decided to contact Alex Gibson at FMS and got this response about the FMS Blue....
"FMS designed and had the raw cable manufactured by New England Electric Wire Corp.
The cables you have were likely terminated by Audioquest, although if you bought them from a Mass.,
or New Hampshire dealer, they may have been terminated by FMS.
It's hard to say what they are worth today. If you put them on Audiogon, you may find someone willing
to pay real money for them. There are audiophiles who still think highly of them. Good luck!"
-A Gibson - FMS
Is FMS still in business?