FMS Audio Cables

Does anyone know about this companies cables?
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I use all FMS, Zero and the new Nexus line. I've had Nordost SPM (I sold on this site), FMS is the real thing, not edgy or flavor of the month. Getting product is a wait though, but worth it.
I have had many cables over the years and have FMS throughout my system now. Nothing I have tried has the tonal quality and musicality of FMS. As advertised (the sound of live music)
I also have a full loom of FMS cables, they replaced high end MIT and Purist Audio, and made a significant improvement. Their unique geometry and construction using thin copper wires with great insulation provided an improvement in high end detail, without being 'etched', or harsh, and their low end grip on the bass is outstanding. They are very quiet, and provide a nice overall balance to my system. They don't advertise, or get into the newest hype, but they just sound very good. Several of the reviewers, including Oster use the FMS cables in their systems as well. They rarely show up used, since their market share is small.
I had a pr of FMS gold speaker cable and power cords and loved them but they just were to stiff! This was many, many years ago, have they changed their flexibility?

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