FMOD inline high pass filter/crossover.

Anyone use these to good effect without doing more damage than good?
I use a pair in my setup, and they definitely do much more good, and hardly any bad. I use the 70 Hz ones, which means -12db at 35hz to take the low bass off of my Omega Super Alnico single driver monitors.

The filters allow me to run my Omegas at louder volumes with lower powered amps, and with considerably less to no midrange distortion. I run a ML Depth i sub for the lowest frequencies being fed from a secondary output from my preamp.

Only downside is that the amplifier's input sensitivity is increased, which may be an issue if the sensitivity is already on the high side.

But hey, these are CHEAP!! I suggest you experiment with it yourself and see where it takes you. I was pleasantly surprised with the results!