FMJ CD 23 vs Rega Jupiter

Has any one auditioned these two players a/b?
The FMJ has better tonality and smoothness, but can't keep a beat.
The Rega dances to beat the band, but I don't remember much else, and thus can't further comment.
Take 'em home and demo! Good luck.
I don't have a FMJ,but I do own a DIVA CD-72 . I have also owned a Alpha 7 Cd Player when it was new. The sound is great,and it has become a favorite of mine,but, the uprgrade offered buy Arcam would cost $1000.00 or so. Why would you do that when you could get an MSB LINK DAC-3 for about $400.00 new. (maybe cheaper if you looked around on the web). As far as the Rega, I have a friend who owned one for a while,but he too eventually went the way of sepearate digital stuff.
I have recently A/B'd these players and in my opinion, there was no real contest. The Rega Jupiter won hands down. I found the FMJ 23 bright and uninviting. On the other hand the Rega was warm, inviting and quite detailed without being "etched." As a result of the "contest" I will be purchasing the Jupiter. Of course, your taste may vary, and you may indeed, prefer the FMJ. It happens like that sometimes.
For what it's worth,the Arcam FMJ CD 23 has been revamped with a new transport and new electrics,according to What Hi-fi,it sounds better.
It's now called the FMJ CD 23T.

Thanks to everyone that responded. Recently, with some extra effort, I was able to a/b these 2 players at home. IMHO the Arcam won easily. It has much better tone, instruments sounded like they are suppose too. It had a greater ability to seperate instruments and had a much quieter background. Did the Jupiter have more rythm, yes but not enough to make a big difference. IMHO in this price range and buying new, the arcam was hard to beat. For those interested I did get an e-mail from Arcam and there is a upgraded model out,the cd23t. It has a new mother board, clock and transport, so it should be better than before in the areas it was lacking... I'm getting one. M


Just wondering, I have read in several of your post's
about the Rega Jupiter 2000 having a louder background
noise than other players? I have just aquired a Jupiter
and find it to have one of the most quite backgrounds
of any cd player I haved owned, that being "many".
I wonder if there was maybe somthing wrong with the one you
Some players I have owned...

Wadia 6
Wadia 830
Arcam FMJ CD 23
Cary 300
Cary 303/100
Sim Nova
Planet 2000
Granite Audio 657

And many others I can't think of at the moment.

I find the Jupiter to stand with all of them...different
sure... but just wondering about the backgroung noise you heard?

Jupiter sound through my system is very dynamic, quite,
a touch laid back yet very musical & non fatiguing with
great heft in the bottom (solid). Very similiar to the Arcam &
Cary sound. Piano seems to reach the high notes without
any ear piercing but sounds very natural, and great
seperation & soundstage. Awesome midrange!!

Also the build quality is superb. Did they change
recently, because I have read that some other people
claim it was bright and that is for sure what it is

Anyway just curious. (Guess like alway's, it is system

Merry Christmas,
I recently listened to both the Arcam FMJ CD23T and the Rega Jupiter 2000. I listened to this equipment with Pass amplification running to Wilson WATT Puppy 7 speakers. I preferred the Arcam, music reproduction seemed a little clearer and there was a wider soundstage too. The Rega seemed less involving somehow...I ended up buying the Arcam at $2000 Canadian and with a full factory warranty, it seemed hard to beat.