FM Tuner Repairs????

I have a Yamaha T-2 tuner that is not working. Can anyone tell me who/where the best repair person is for better quality tuners? It would help if this person could repair the problem and also modify better internal wires, better output RCA connectors...etc.
go here:
I will ditto the folks at Music Technology and add to the list Michael Zuccaro who can be reached at

Mike maintains the Audioghost page on the Tunerinfo website.


I trust all repairs to Doug Siegel at Audio Specialties in Portland, OR at 503 257 3206. He also runs a used only shop so has lots of experience putting older equipment together. Good luck.
I would contact Don Scott.

You can also get a little info about him at:, then scroll down once and select Mods by Don Scott.
I'll second the Don Scott nomination. Talented, honest to a fault, caring, helpful and a real gentleman. I speak from very recent personal experience. And as a bonus, his mods are deservedly so highly regarded and respected that, over the long run, the demand for your equipment should increase.
I doubt very much Don Scott is interested in trouble shooting and repairs. Mike Zucarro I mentioned is in with the same "tunerinfo" crowd as Don Scott. You could also try the Tunerinfo filter expert Bob Fitzgerald who can also fine tune it better than new. Bob is at

If this is just an electronics repair, then your local/nearest authorized Yamaha technician can probably get his hands on the service manual and fix it.