FM Tuner Recommendation

I am looking for a quality FM tuner in the $1,000 or less price range. Having HD & satellite radio capabilities are important since I live in an area with limited FM stations. I am amenable to either SS or tubes. Which brands/models would be on your short list? Thank you kindly.
I suggest you check out the Magnum Dynlab web site for FM Tuners. see

I own the Magnum Dynlab MD-102T FM Tuner. It is over your budget but they make other less expensive models.

Please also see the Tuner Info Center at for more FM Tuner suggestions.
I think Hgeifman meant for his second link.
Without a doubt, MD's line up is fantastic. Even the older units, like the FT-101A are available used for under $400 or so. Get their ST-2 antenna as well (new $100).
Is anyone familiar with the Sangean HDT-1? I'm sure that it's a far cry from the Magnum Dynlab tuners, but considering the quality (or lack thereof)of FM broadcast signals & my relatively remote location I really don't want to overspend. Thank you.
Check out the Rotel RT-1084. Look under the manuf. listings and the link from letter 'R'. This tuner is not only 'HD' but also has several plug-ins for the Sirius Decoder. Good Luck!