fm tuner

I'm need an inexpensive fm tuner for a second system - new or used - was previously using an nad tuner/preamp combo from the 90s which worked well (indoor antenna) but died. Any suggestions would be welcome.
Rotel RT1080 - between $100-200 tops.

Linn Kudos - between $200-300.  A rather grand leap up performance-wise.
you can find the analog pioneers like the tx7100 or tx6800 or kenwood kt7300 very inexpensively on ebay (<$50)--aesthetic and good sounding. if you want a digital tuner, i'd look at parasound or marantz at the same range. fmtunerinfo is a very good resource.
Here's a really good read and the most comprehensive tuner info available:

I have these, and they are very good.
Tandberg 3001A FM only

Kenwood KT-3300D FM only

Cheers George 
Consider a NAD S400. Demoed one over a decade ago but still remember the balanced/organic black background of this near reference tuner. This one flies under the radar.
Not sure what your budget is, but someone just posted a Magnum Dynalab FT-101A. Excellent tuner. Seller would probably take $250 or so for it.

(no relation to the seller)
I know where adcom gtp-500 tuner/pre-amp is for sale for under  $200.00,  pm me if interested